Remix Comments, now with extra Madeon

As I am quite possibly the world’s most digitally inept individual, I didn’t feel confident about producing my own remix video. That said, I did want to include a link to one of my favorite remixes here. This is a remix by the digital artist Madeon consisting of samples from 39 of his favorite pop hits. It’s similar to Girl Talk in a way, but his remixing is actually more thorough, and the emergent product draws from, but is wholly unique from the original content.

Long story short, a lot of the discussion in class skewed awfully close to simple content ripping, or stealing content for the intend of re-presenting it in contexts and for purposes very similar to those of the original artist. Madeon, however, illustrates to me how a talented “remix artist” can use sampled content to create something wholly unique from it’s source material. (Plus, it’s just a very catchy song.)

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