This is the WordPress Page

This is actually a WordPress post. Using a special kind of frame, we can actually share the content of one site to the other.

Essentially by posting on the WordPress, the site actually auto-updates from the WordPress page. This means that we can retain the simplicity of WordPress posting for real time and regular updates, but at the same time implement our own, custom frames (for the logo, sponsors, et cetera).  We get the ease of use of WordPress, but the customization options of a private site.

That said, WordPress has also added a template customization feature we might be able to use for a similar purpose.  Specifically and nicely, the WordPress site now allows for what they call WYSIWYG (“wissy-wig”) customization (“What you see is what you get.”) This simplifies customization and tailored coding for the page, however it does cost additional money and I’m still not sure how much customization is actually contained within.

Where we go from here is really up to you, but I’m really taken with this option to create a relatively stable site which keeps drivers, fans, and sponsors happy, but that also retains the simple user-interface of the WordPress approach.

Thanks for taking a look, Ms. Ann!



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