Class Options for December 5th, 2012

Hey everybody!

Next week is our last class meeting, and we thought it might be fun to meet together someplace other than the classroom to perhaps grab some food and socialize as we round the semester out.

As this IS a class in democracy and social media, it seems reasonable that we should perhaps discuss some options together and then maybe vote on a final meeting choice. (I would, however, encourage everyone to think about options in Mid-Town, the area across University Avenue from the U.F. campus.)

There are many wonderful choices, and I can’t imagine a better way to round out the semester than with a chance to meet and socialize with each other outside of the traditional classroom environment.

Does anyone have any preferences, suggestions, or desired places to meet?  Please let us know in the comments!


12 thoughts on “Class Options for December 5th, 2012

  1. jcrinkley says:

    Well, I’m not incredibly familiar with the restaurants over there. I think Copper Monkey or the Swamp are our best bets for seating and whatnot. There’s also a newer place behind the Swamp that used to be Cafe Gardens, but is now called something else. That place and the Swamp both have outdoor seating, which, based on how the weather has been lately, could be awesome.

    Like Jonathan mentioned, I don’t know that we really have many other options besides midtown unless we don’t want to go to a restaurant and instead, just want to sit outdoors or some other venue that simply isn’t the classroom.

    I’m down for whatever. I’ll sit and chat at an establishment with food and beverage, but I’m also perfectly content to sit on the grass outside Weimer hall if the weather is nice.

    One thing we should take into account is making sure Adriana is able to meet us wherever we decide to go and helping her get there safely.

    Other thoughts?

  2. Serumun Ubwa says:

    Raggae Shack on University and 6th is a nice Jamaican restaurant. They’re food is preeeeetty good. There’s no outdoor seating and it’s not that big, but I’m sure if we let them know we are coming, they could consider arranging seating for us.

    I know chinese restaurants are typically more spacious and accommodate more people, so if anyone knows any?

    Like others I don’t really know a lot of places around here at all, but i’m cool with whatever as well.

  3. Reggae Shack is awesome, but too far from campus, really.

    We will meet in the classroom at 3 p.m., I think, unless more people come into this discussion before then!

    If the weather is good, we could walk over to the Swamp, and we should be able to get the outside tables together at that time of day.

  4. djcoats says:

    The place Joe is talking about is O!Os. I’ve never eaten there, so Swamp might be the best place to go when looking at reliable food and outdoor seating.

  5. djcoats says:

    Actually, I would be fine with reggae shack–something different. There are four buses that go from campus to downtown making it very accessible.

  6. Need to make a decision by 6 p.m. tonight, Tuesday, so I can spam everyone with the decision.

  7. I like the idea of meeting in the classroom and walk over to the Swamp.

  8. 🙂 LOL! I’m realizing now that crowd-sourcing may not be quite as easy as I had thought!

    At any rate, while I’ve seen some amazing ideas floating around (and I’ve yet to try Reggae Shack, though I hear it’s remarkable) perhaps the best solution is, in fact, to meet at Weimer Hall and then proceed to a site in mid-town from there. There are a number of good dining options in the area, and I’m sure we can find a great place.

    I wonder, though, should I try to make a reservation at one?

  9. djcoats says:

    Swamp sounds good to me.

  10. The senator from G035 votes to approve the motion to meet at the Swamp.

  11. davidinmedia says:

    I am happy with whatever the crowd decides…see you in class at 3pm and I guess the swamp thereafter? looking forward to it…

  12. Okay, I’m going to take that as — meet in our regular classroom at 3 p.m. Then walk together to the Swamp. See you then.

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