Remix Comments, now with extra Madeon

As I am quite possibly the world’s most digitally inept individual, I didn’t feel confident about producing my own remix video. That said, I did want to include a link to one of my favorite remixes here. This is a remix by the digital artist Madeon consisting of samples from 39 of his favorite pop hits. It’s similar to Girl Talk in a way, but his remixing is actually more thorough, and the emergent product draws from, but is wholly unique from the original content.

Long story short, a lot of the discussion in class skewed awfully close to simple content ripping, or stealing content for the intend of re-presenting it in contexts and for purposes very similar to those of the original artist. Madeon, however, illustrates to me how a talented “remix artist” can use sampled content to create something wholly unique from it’s source material. (Plus, it’s just a very catchy song.)


One thought on “Remix Comments, now with extra Madeon

  1. I like Madeon a lot (Two of my best friends in undergraduate were DJs who made their own remixes and mashups, they kept me in the electronica loop), and I think he’s a key point to what the documentary was demonstrating — that remix is a powerfully neat thing, but remix is taking something and making something else out of it. It’s not just ripping. Madeon didn’t take Around the World because he wanted to listen to Around the World without paying for it, he took it so he could nab a small second loop and run it through Ableton, then to his pad and an EAI and make something completely different using it as a component. I think that’s what I was ranting about in class — at some point, people in remix culture have to separate from pirate culture.

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