Media Diary Day 6:

This morning dawned with me heading online to check my Facebook at around 7:00. I casually browsed the site as I waited for my coffee to brew. I was sort of cruising various news websites when I realized, to my horror, that it was 8:45 and I hadn’t written my Media Diary yet.  I frantically jumped over to my wordpress page and began writing frenetically.  I submitted the diary entry at almost exactly the 9:00, but I realized that my diary entry was full of grammatical errors.  Following a rather lengthy edit, I was finally ready to resubmit.

The night before I had stayed awake rather late working on thesis issues, and so I was feeling quite exhausted following my media diary resubmit (coffee doesn’t even really make a dent these days). So rather embarrassingly, I decided to take a nap. On a weekday. At 9:30 in the morning…

I woke up from my nap at about 10:30, with my girlfriend arriving shortly after an exam she had that morning. We had a few errands to run, so we hopped in her car and headed out.  We picked Magic 101.3 for the drive, but when I noticed the engine sounded like it was running rough, we opted to turn off the radio and listen for any trouble. When we stopped for gas, I decided to check things out under the hood and realized that we had an oil leak that had left the car very low. Plans suddenly changed, I found myself spending the afternoon in a Jiffy Lube waiting room. Bizarrely enough, apparently Jiffy Lube has their own closed-circuit TV channel where I got to learn all sorts of things that I should give them money to fix, as well as (weirdly) what happens when you toss a Macbook Air into a tub of water (the simple answer is, just don’t throw it in a tub of water).

The experience really set me to thinking about the ubiquity of media today. Even the old oil and lube service station now feels the need, not only to provide media content to users in its waiting room, but to provide tailored content to try to drive further purchasing behaviors.  This week we read about how content providers online use cookies and tracking software to “spy” on their users and to provide advertising and links more likely to appeal to potential customers.  Really, though, despite the tech-savvy nature of the system, now, is it any different than the traditional models of mass media?  We see tons of advertisements for power wheelchairs and pet medication delivery services on Fox News channel because advertisers know that that’s where OLD PEOPLE get their news. Aren’t cookies and trackers essentially the same principle, just updated?

At any rate, following the unscheduled outing to the mechanics, that storm was rolling in yesterday afternoon, and so we decided to return back to the house. Once there I did some work on my school stuff, and then, amazingly, actually played a VIDEO GAME on my PS3 (it was the first time I’d done so in nearly a week). Playstation has an application linked to their PS3s now called “Playstation Home” which feels very similar to Second Life.  In it, users can build an avatar, are rewarded with a small house, and can then traipse around the online world of the Home community.

I spent a few hours running around the Home area, and then it was decided that we should watch some Netflix instead. After a bit of a debate about what to watch, my gf and I finally compromised and settled on a handful of old episodes of the Discovery Channel’s “Mythbusters.”  I enjoy the show, but just like every other time I try to watch Mythbusters, I fell asleep halfway through the first episode… Ah well…


4 thoughts on “Media Diary Day 6:

  1. I learn so much from these media diaries: Jiffy Lube’s closed-circuit TV channel. And until now, I didn’t know you EVER played video games. But what a tease you are: No game title. 😦 Unless you ONLY played with “PlayStation Home.” For a few hours? … Hm, maybe that is the only game you played. Not sure. First time? And I’m curious if it was a two-person game or only for you.

    Re: Mythbusters: Recently I’ve been TiVo’ing episodes of Nova with David Pogue telling us how things are made:

    Better than Mythbusters, imo.

  2. 🙂 Sort of embarrassingly, not only do you get a personal “living” space in the Home application, but you’re also allowed to decorate it with your own furniture. (I sort of secretly fancy myself an interior designer, although as a graduate student, opportunities for blank-slate redecoration are a little out of my price-range!) It sounds like the most boring thing in the world, but I find it strangely mesmerizing, and can lose myself for hours deciding whether or not to go eclectic, or actually try to build a decoration theme for the space… It’s not exactly the stereotypical “videogaming” experience, but I find it remarkably enjoyable.

  3. Oh! and I’m definitely going to have to check out this new Nova series… It sounds fascinating!

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