Media Diary Day 2 : Diseased Boy

Unfortunately, this morning started with me waking and realizing I was extremely sick. I got out of bed and made my typical website stops: Facebook, CNN, The Atlantic, and The Gainesville Sun.  I realized off-hand how narcissistic my Facebook use is, really, when after I didn’t see any red tags on my “Notifications” icon, I simply leave the site.  If people aren’t talking to/about me, why would I want to participate? :p

As I mentioned, I was feeling very unwell, so after I ran a few morning errands (and enjoying the Ricky Smiley morning show on Magic 101.3 during the drive) I arrived at home. Usually at this point in my day I open up my Word software and start editing my thesis, but today I was feeling so unwell I grabbed a blanket and laid down on the couch.  Looking to take a nap, I went through the same PS3-Netflix cycle that I did yesterday, perusing the Netflix content to find something that would facilitate a quick nap. I settled on reruns of the NBC sitcom, 30Rock.

It’s funny, I guess in a way, I’m not sure if it is the absence of commercial breaks (which make me crazy) or the fact that I can watch entire show seasons from start to finish, but access to On-demand entertainment options like Netflix (and to a lesser extent, Hulu) has really rendered live-TV obsolete, for me.  The only time I’ll choose a live option over an on-demand option is for sports, where yelling at the TV (para-participating with the crowd, perhaps?) and avoiding the inconvenience of “spoilers” (being accidentally told the surprise ending of a program) are really critical to enjoyment of the content itself.

I made it perhaps a half-episode in before I fell asleep and slept until about 1:30 in the afternoon.  When I awoke, Netflix was prompting me with the question of whether or not I was still watching. I wasn’t, but I still clicked “YES” for the background noise.  During this brief interlude, I revisited my Facebook, where several pictures of the party the night before had been uploaded (approximately 10 minutes here).  I also spent a bit of time perusing The Atlantic (perhaps 15 minutes spent here). There were a few other sites I visited from links on the first two, but altogether, things took perhaps 25 minutes, as at 2:00 I lay back down and returned my attention to 30Rock.

After perhaps half-an-episode I had fallen back to sleep and slept until around 8:30p.m.

When I awoke at 8:30 I watched about 1 dance routine on the program “Dancing With The Stars” with my girlfriend.  I wasn’t really “tuned in” to the program, but amazingly after only a few minutes, I found myself getting frustrated with the commercial breaks.

Despite the fact that I’ve already slept for about a million hours today, I’m actually ready for bed again.  Although it’s early, I decided to use this time to write my second Media Diary entry before turning on some more filler noise to help get to sleep.  30Rock, here we come!


One thought on “Media Diary Day 2 : Diseased Boy

  1. I had a chuckle about your “narcissistic” Facebook use.

    Do you find that on-demand streaming of TV series is too addictive? That is, it makes it FAR too easy to watch 3 or more hours in a row and waste time?

    I hope you feel better soon!

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