Media Diary, Day 1 (Sunday, September 30th, 2012)

I was up today a little on the early side at around 5:30.  I wanted to get some sleep, but was having a hard time going back, so I headed to my office and fired up my laptop.  I zoomed through a few of my favorite websites: Facebook, CNN, The Gainesville Sun, The Chive, and The Atlantic, before I decided I was ready for some more sleep.

To get some more sleep, I headed to the living room and turned on my PS3 and Netflix, and turned on a sleepy looking documentary called “The Gospel of Judas.” The documentary knocked me out nicely, and when I reawoke at noon, it was time to do some cleaning, so I changed over to Pandora while I cleaned.  After cleaning, I needed to work on my thesis, and I always enjoy some background noise during my paperwork, so I returned to my Netflix to watch some biographies.
OK, fine, I watched some old pro-wrestling compilations… (I’d forgotten I’d have to admit to people what I watched…) After a biography about the Macho Man Randy Savage and a collection of extreme wrestling action, I wrapped up my edit of my introduction, and was informed people would be arriving at the house shortly.

I’d totally forgotten that there was a Harvest or Autumn Moon Festival Party (IDK, it’s something Chinese for the Fall Full Moon) at the house, and guests would be arriving in an hour and I’d promised to help prepare food.  I turned on Pandora again to keep us company while I chopped vegetables for home-made dumplings. While guests were at the house, the Pandora stayed on, and when you have nothing but communications majors at the house, conversation tends to fixate on media topics (I’m not quite sure if this counts or not).  At any rate, when the guests left, it was back to Netflix as I’d noticed they recently added the movie “Team America: World Police” to the playlist.  With Team America playing in the background I got the house cleaned up, and then focused my attention on my blog post and media diary entry for class.

:EDIT:  Truthfully, I must’ve also visited a few dozen websites at various points during the day, and I know that I visited Facebook,, The Atlantic, and CNN way more than once today… I probably hit facebook 20 times, were I to guess.  Tomorrow, I’m going to try to get exact counts to accompany website visitations…


One thought on “Media Diary, Day 1 (Sunday, September 30th, 2012)

  1. Unclear: “so I headed to my office …” At home or at UF? (Oh, I guess you stayed at home, considering the living room comes next.)

    My mind reels at the thought of having biographies of pro wrestlers on TV while one is trying to write. (I’m too easily distracted for that particular medley.)

    Delighted to hear you were all talking about media while cooking!

    “Team America: World Police”?!?! I almost feel like that’s too much information (just joking!).

    You might want to sort of estimate how much time you’re only or mainly surfing, Facebooking, etc. — e.g. from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m., or from the time you got up until the time you broke for lunch. Then, if you spent four hours, say, was any of it focused, or was it all pretty much random? It might be hard to keep a record of sites, but you could always check your Web browser history if you want an accurate list.

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