Storify Week 3: Social Media and Social Activism

Storify Week 3: Social Media and Social Activism

Hey everybody! Attached you will find a link to the Storify posting regarding my presentation for class yesterday.  I hope this helps!



(And on a completely unrelated note that didn’t happen to me at all.  Storify gives you the option for a toolbar addon, it’s a nice feature and makes stitching all of your links together pretty quick.  A word of warning, when you click on that “storify this” toolbar button, a little pop-up window will open and give you the opportunity to write a brief blurb about the link itself.  If you were to type up an extensive review and introduction of that link in the little window, and then proceed to click the “Storify!” button, your review may possibly suddenly vanish, rendering 2 or 3 hours worth of work completely null and void… Were this to happen, it would be decidedly frustrating.  Trust me!)




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